samedi 25 juin 2011

the reissue of our first EP Open The Gates Of Shambhala (sold out on Throatruiner Records) by our dear friend of Zugzwang Productions in TAPE format is finally available ! 66 copies only for the chosen few, upside down cross hand made package, 34mn of balls crushing Doom Sludge, Satan Invokation and Mexican Wrestling Pedophile from Outer Space. Here you can see some pics and a video made by the Grand Guru Jyb himself to present the tape.

You can order directly to ZZP for 5€, or to the Sabbath at with "Huatape" as object. Be quick ! The few remaining tapes will be available via Boue Records, Throatruiner Records, Quagmire, Psychedoomelic and others. Remember that you can still download for free and listen to this sonic blasphemy on our bandcamp. Enjoy !

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