Next Masses to come:

If you got anything to propose to us, call us at huatastoner[@]gmail.com

Attention please, preventive measure :
For better gigs, for a better sound, for the audience, and also for us, we refuse to play in places where we won't be able to do it with a loud enough volume.

We play loud, we mean LOUD. It's often over the 105dB limit; if you have a decibel meter, if you've got problems with your neighbourhood because of volume issues, then please sincerecly forget us.

This message is told to the gigs organisers : if you can't offer these volume conditions without issues, then no use to invite us, this would be a problem for you, for us because we won't be able to get our sound, both of us will lose time and energy. Thanks for your attention.
Localizations of our past rituals :