Here you can find all our stuff: Cd's, Lp's, Tapes, Shirts etc.

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payment via Paypal only, for International customers, check for France are accepted too.

Don't forget to precise your country for the shipping calculation, sizes and colours for the shirts.

The Solar work

- Handmade 3'' CD, 5€ + shipping

Split Huata/Bitcho

- Gatefold LP, 500 black LPs, 200 coloured ones. 15€+shipping

Atavist Of Mann

- Repressed 2xLP edition by Musicfearsatan. Not available but you can order one on those links : there and there.

- *SOLD OUT* Jewelcase CD, 10€ + shipping

- *SOLD OUT* Digipack CD, 10€ + shipping


- *SOLD OUT* TAPE with special handmande package, 50 limited copies, 6€ + shipping

Open The Gates Of Shambhalla
- *SOLD OUT* TAPE with special handmande package, 66 limited copies, 4€ + shipping

- Digisleeve CD, 300 copies, at Fauna Sabbatha records.

- *SOLD OUT* 12cm x 8cm, 3€ + shipping

Lux Initiatrix Terrae

- S hirts in charcoal, L, XL available, 10€ + shipping

T shirt "Satan's slave, girly, S, M, L, XL, 10€ + shipping