Lux Initiatrix Terrae

Our doctrine deals with ancients rites coming from holy times, old practices and ancient beliefs. But beyond what may seems folkloristic fables of a bygone era, lies a truth that the ages have erased.
From the battles before the creation of mankind to the last events of the great tradition of the neo-pagan movement, our tales began with the coming of the bearer of light from the Northen star, Venus.
By the cosmic initiation he brought to humanity on the early ages, the now lost Hyperborean and Atlantean empires grown with more power than any other earth civilizations will ever do.
Both of them investigate the higher powers of the Earth hollow, and the conservation of the knowledge
of the ruler of the universe through the Holy Grail (Lapsit Exillis). This cosmic initiation is perpetrated from the ancient Egypt to the Zoroastrists, Manès, the Luciferian Gnosis, the Bavarians illuminati, the Templar order, the Rosa crux, the Golden dawn and a considerable sum of sects within.
So do us.

The inner-earth kingdom

«Who are they ?
The real masters of the world.
Are there schools on the physical plane of our planet?
Yes, but these are only preparatory schools.
How do we contact them?
You cannot contact them on your own.
They are the ones who contact you.
Contacting who ?
Whoever they want, but including the disciples
successful tests of initiatory probation.
Are they representatives of the divine tradition?
Indeed, they are the ones, as the white dynasty
of wisdom masters, which constitute
the hierarchy, in extenso the Tradition.
In the Bible they are called the old Patriarchs.
Christians know them as the saints community.
Buddhists call them Holy bodhisattvas.
What is not from them is not traditional.
Without them, no step of initiatory transmission could be valid, including the Christian apostolate.
Where do they have their habitual residence?
In the Agartha. In the bowels of the Earth.
Are there other beings who live in the Agartha?
How many ?
A good 20 million individuals.
It is therefore somewhere on Earth of the invisible populations?
We didn’t said on the Earth, but inside of the Earth.»

Piotr Phénix, «The initiation»

Sacred relics

Our cult refers to holy pieces such as he Ark of the Covenant, the three headed idol of the Baphomet, the spear of destiny, the Carolus magnus’s ring or the great Fragarach sword which traveled from beyond the space after a great fight against the evil demiurge Yaldabaoth and came to the hands of Carolus Martel and then Johan of Arc. But the greatest of them all is the Graal. The ultimate relic through it’s unholy alchemic creation brought the nuclear end of the Atlantide which gave birth to the Christ.

Great prophecies to come
Before the Moon will crush the earth, causing a great Ragnarok, humanity will see a golden age coming, called the Millenium. Then the Giants will come back with their holy wisdom to rule the earth, as the great leaders earth awaits for so many years. After the Earth’s crushing will come a very long and dark age until a new Moon comes around the Earth. This is one of the Seven great cycles of the Welteishlehre. Seven Apocalypses which are calling each time a Millenium and new giants to exterminate us. In the very end of these Seven Cycles will come the giant asteroïd Hercolubus, and the whole universe we knew will be shattered.

Only Venus will remain, as an Ark of survival of our time, Malona's resurrection.