Huata is a four piece band from the old Celtic Brittany (France). In the Britton language, this is an expression that means "Witch Hunt", and the verb means "to Jeer".

Since 2006, we are spreading a Doom Stoner that deals with the occult forces, between secret societies, Lucifer and it's avatar Venus-Malona, occult initiation by extra and intra-terrestrial forces, the inner-earth kingdom, the quests for the holy power of mighty relics, researches for the ancient knowledge from dead kingdoms. Through this unknown path of the history we reveal a luminous way to a truth holding That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above, working the miracles of one.

We found our inspiration into the 60's and 70's music and movies to create a smoky, gloomy, but powerful atmosphere. We gather our audience for loud amplified ceremonies, a sonic mass were we invite our listener to praise the Lord and join us into a fuzzy sabbath.
We can classified our music between actual things (Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, Cathedral, Bongzilla, Church Of Misery...) and vintage ones (Coven, Black Widow, Black Sabbath, Goblin, Magma) as we have a powerful, massive sound, but with vintage tones (as we are using of vintage gear, and hammond organ stuff).

We released our first EP "Open The Gates Of Shambhala" in CD in 2010 with the help of Throatruiner Records. It was recorded by our own and mixed, mastered by KKP. We made a reissue of this one in a special handmade Tape format with Zugzwang Productions.

In 2012, We released our new album: "Atavist Of Mann", recorded, mixed and mastered by KKP again (who join the band since then). With the help of 5 labels ( Boue, Psychedoomelics, Throatruiner, Mordgrimm and Odio Sonoro) we made a consortium of these called "De arte Magica", plus a special handmade Tape by Zugzwang Productions.

There are few great bands we have shared the stage with: Ramesses, Electric Wizard, The Wounded Kings, Cough, TonerLow, Monarch, Year Of No Light, Dopethrone, Belzebong, Kadavar, Saturnalia temple... We toured over all western europe, from Portugal to Sweden. We played at the Roadburn festival, the Arosian Black Mass festival, The Heavy days in Doomtown, the Yellowstock winter festival, The Mudfest, the Gladstone festival... We had some good reviews on magazines like Hard Rock, Metal Hammer, Rock tribune...

In 2013, we released a split with the Batavian giants Bitcho, with the help of Musicfearsatan (Paris). We toured in Europe with Dopethrone from Montréal, Canada.

You can listen to all of our releases for free on our Bandcamp.
You can download our Pressbook Here.