Split with Bitcho (NL),  recorded @ Vildé Guingalan, in august 2012. Mixed by KKP, mastered by KKP and Sylvain Biguet. 1 long track for each band. Released by Musicfearsatan, 500 black copies, 200 coloured. Artwork made by Benjamin Moreau. Additionnal Saxophon and Trombon by Audrey Avril and Eric Roger (Gae Bolg).

1 - The Retaliator (Part I), Hercolubus (Part II) - Huata
2 - 70050 Ciello Drive - Bitcho

Album Atavist of Mann, recorded @ Vildé-Guingalan 24th to 31st August 2010, mixed & mastered by the glorious KKP. 6 tracks over 63mn of occult doom and vintage tones. Released by the coproduction between Throatruiner records, Boue records, Mordgrimm, Psychedoomelics et Odio Sonoro. Artwork by Benjamin Moreau, Photos by Lucie Inland photography.

Special handmade package for TAPE by Zugzwang Productions

1 - Lords of the flame
2 - Operation Mistletoe
3 - Thee imperial wizard
4 - Part 1 : Testi sum capri
5 - Part 2 : Templars of the black sun
6 - Fall of the IVh

EP Open the gates of Shambhala, DIY recording @ Trégastel from 9th to 12th July 2009. 
5 tracks, 35 mn of ball crushing sludge doom. Mixed and mastered by the almighty KKP. Artwork by Benjamin Moreau.

1 - Alchemist reborn
2 - Diving in the swamp
3 - Ratzinger pussycat
4 - Jozef Fritzl syndrom
5 - Rotten dick

First Demo recorded on January 2008 @ Ecole
de Son du Lycée Sacré coeur of St Brieuc (Fr) 
by Guillaume Gicquel, Kev Desecrator, mixed by Julien Hérou. 2 tracks.

1 - Church Burners
2 - Crushing Dead Hole