samedi 8 octobre 2011

Second release with the fuzz-zealots of Huata, and this one is a mean baby ! Their first full-length, "Atavist Of Mann", will be available on tape on Zugzwang Productions !

This long awaited magnum opus will be released with an alternate artwork, embodied in a cool, handmade packagings. Limited to 50 copies ! More infos about this packaging soon.

Sonically speaking, Huata crawled their way up from the sewers, leaving behind cohorts of toothless, hysterically laughing tramps and giant cave rats, bathing and hunting in their waste. Their ascencion led them to emerge through the ruins of a collapsed church. Gazing at the sky, all they saw were waves of gleaming steel, vomiting fire on the terrified masses. Slowly, they gathered their instruments, even digging and old organ under the calcinated fragments of a broken cross. And then, began the mass.

And if my prose sucks, you can just listen to two songs of "Atavist Of Mann" here on how it's about to kick your ass.

Preorders are open ! 5€ (Europe)/$8 (World) including shipping !
Contact me at

By the way, the 2xLP vinyl version can also be preordered here.

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