vendredi 20 avril 2012

Hello Scandinavia !

We are actually looking for some gear for our venue at the Arosian Black Mass Festival in Västerås city (~100km west of Stockholm), Sweden the 24th of NOVEMBER 2012 because we'll come by plane, so won't bring our amps !

Is there anybody able to help us to find vintage tube amplifier, like SUNN O))), MATAMP, ORANGE, HIWATT, SOUND CITY, LONDONC CITY even SOVTEK or RED BEAR for GUITAR and BASS and some heavy, loud cabs for Bass like 2x15" and 8x10" ?

We will be very thankful to you and pleased to offer you a LP of Atavist Of Mann and to put you on our guest list for the show !

Thanks for your support,
the Great Gods Of Mystery Will Be Greatful To You !

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